10+ Secrets to Happiness and more

Life can throw you a one- two punch out of the blue.  Last year and early this year was one of those times for me.  Instead of a one- two punch, I got the three- four- five- six punches….. they just kept coming.  How do you get through tough times that keep on coming??  Here’s my current list.  I’m sure it will change over time but so far here’s how I keep smiling:

  1. Staying connected to my Creator–church, prayer, reading the bible, prayer,  did I mention prayer?
  2. Meditation–I’m new at it but it keeps me grounded
  3. Aromatherapy–Joy™ is one of my favorites, it smells great and reminds me to be joyful, it’s my Joy in a bottle
  4. Gratitude Journal–some days the best I could say is “thank you for the sun shining”.  It works, now there’s more to be grateful for
  5. Compliment others
  6. Smile and say hello, in the words of Joel Osteen–“being unhappy won’t change anything for the better”
  7. Random acts of kindness– increases serotonin, get creative, the world needs more kindness
  8. Appreciate moments of silence– Take the oppt to pray or listen to God’s voice, He speaks very quietly
  9. Exercise–burn off the frustration
  10. Go to bed early– it gets the day over
  11. Talk it out– a friend, a therapist, the car, walls, just get it out!!
  12. Reading–words are powerful & meaningful>>affirmations, inspirational quotes, books, other blogs, right now on hooked on Chosen Families
  13. Music– love it>>Classical in the am(makes me smarter), dance music for exercising, gospel for inspiration, relaxing music at night before bed, jazz, country, Christian somewhere in between.  That’s  a lot of music.  Thank you Pandora.
  14. Work–I happen to have a really great job
  15. Food–Eating healthy–if you want your body to function well have to fuel it with good, healthy foods.  I feel the difference. Everyday and I mean everyday I need my Luna bars and a handful of nuts.  Don’t feel right without them.  
  16. Drink–no not alcohol, TEA.  Hooked on them, now having several cups a day  
  17. Get out in nature–I love walks in the woods, staring at a lake or feeling an ocean breeze.  God is there, I can sense His presence
  18. Hobbies-As I tell my kids ” I do actually have a life”.  There’s things I like to do 
  19. Stay hopeful for the future–It’s going to get better.  In the words of Louise Hay  “we are never stuck”

What are your keys to happiness?


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