Best Diet for High Blood Pressure

The best diet for high blood pressure is one that is high in the fruits, vegetables, beans and the Omega 3 fatty acids i.e. fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, nuts & seeds.   The white meats–fish, chicken and turkey are great because they are very lean and low in fat.  Lean red meat eaten is moderate 2-3 times a week is ok.  High fatty foods that come food animal products like eggs and dairy products should be eaten minimally except for yogurt.  I call this type of diet the “cave man” diet.  It’s eating mostly foods from the land.  Over time we have come to find out that those foods are healthiest for us.  It’s no surprise then that that’s the food God gave us to eat.

So skip the fast foods, overly processed foods, sweets, and sodas.  As much as you can eat health foods that are real food not junk.  You’ll lose weight and feel more energetic.  Get creative.


2 responses to “Best Diet for High Blood Pressure

  1. hi. i recently converted to a near vegan diet. i feel great and have lost a few pounds without even trying. just curious though about your recommendation to avoid animal fat such as dairy *except* for yogurt. why the exception for yogurt?

    • Hi M. Smith,

      Any animal fat should be the lowest possible. Yogurt is great because it’s easily digestible and full of good bacteria (acidophilis) for colon health. Kudos to you for going Vegan.

      All the best,


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