Brother Larry

Vacationing this week in Myrtle Beach SC.  As I was fast walking along the beach “Brother Larry” showed up beside me.  Just like last year he seemed to come out of nowhere.  My initial thought was “no not again”.  But after a few minutes it was ok.  He calls himself a street minister.  My guess is he walks up and down Myrtle Beach spreading the word.  I listened and amened him.  He has good words to say.  And as I told him (when I could get in a word or two) if you are truly speaking God’s word then you will always say something that touches the heart and spirit. What touched me was when he talked about miracles. Only God does miracles.  That really blessed my day. 

Thank you Father for giving us miracles.  We still believe in them and we will expect them.

Be blessed,



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