Happy Birthday Momma

Today is my mother’s birthday. Had she lived she would have been 77 years old.  When she died at age 75 I thought she was too young to go.   The older I get the younger 75 seems.  I remember her as being such a funny person without trying.  She had such funny expressions and a cute laugh.

Last week I was feeling really blue thinking about this day.  I told my sister I was going to take the day off and stay in bed.  She was shocked because I’m not a “stay-in-bed-all-day” kind of person. She suggested I celebrate it with balloons and some of my mother’s favorite foods.  So today I bought 6 balloons (1 for each of my mother’s kids) and released them to a beautiful, blue, puffy cloud sky.  I’m having porkchops for dinner, which my mother could cook better than any I’ve ever had including my own.  I wore her sunglasses and tried to think of the good things about her. I would like to think that she is now my angel mother watching over me. I still need her.

I’m convinced it was her time to go. She saw a  lady dressed in white sitting in the back of the church one Sunday. No one else saw her.  She had a brief illness and that was it.  We released her and told her not to  worry, it was ok to go.  She died peacefully.  And so I will be at peace about it.  When it’s my time I hope I go the same way, at peace.

I’ve been thinking about some of the lessons she taught me, both verbal and nonverbal.  I’ll share a few:

  • anytime is a good time to break out in a song
  • you can be a good cook even if it’s later in life
  • good friends are friends for life
  • don’t complain
  • just because you swept the floor once  today doesn’t mean it won’t need sweeping again today
  • death is a part of life, it’s ok to go to funerals (and she went to a lot)
  • go to church and most importantly be ready when He calls your name

Momma you are free……


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Momma

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  2. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person, and I trust she’s resting in peace. Good stuff about letting her go, but bask in memories of her as often as you want!


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