Bijan & Jackson: My Prince Charming

 My Prince Charming  

Bijan and Jackson were standing in the kitchen. Jackson asked her why there was a scar on her forehead.  She answered him, “that’s where you hit me in the head”.   “When did I do that?”, he asked.  “Yesterday you hit me in the head and I fell down.  Don’t you remember? I bumped my leg on the chair and got a big bruise.  Then you drug me into the living room and my foot got caught on the rug and I got a burn. You pulled by my arms and a chunk of my hair was pulled out when you stepped on it.  See here in the back of my head, it’s bald.”  Jackson laughed as Bijan’s   tale grew bigger and bigger.  She kept going.  “My arm  hit the edge of the sofa and a piece of wire that was sticking out cut my hand. It bled and bled.  I lost so much blood, I passed out.” Gently she said, “ you got scared and promised that if I would wake up you would never ever hit me again.  You sealed the  covenant with a kiss on my forehead.  I awoke to find your tears dropping on my cheek. You told me you would love me forever. You would bring me the sunshine by day and the moon by night and everyday would be the happiest of our lives.    You swept me off my feet and onto your gallant horse.  We rode off into the light of the forest to live happily ever after.  THE  END.” By that time Jackson was laughing a hysterical, almost silent laugh. 

He picked her up and brought into their room.  Laid her down on the bed and showered her with many kisses.  He asked her to tell him that story again. “What part do you want to hear again?” she asked.  “All of it” he answered.  She started the story again, from the beginning, adding more details that made Jackson howl with laughter.  But Bijan was a serious storyteller and she never cracked a smile until the very end.




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