3 Cool Apps

As apps go I probably don’t have as many as most people. But I do have a few that I absolutely love. They are not free like the ones in my previous post but they are relatively expensive and worth every penny.

The first one solves the problems of what to do with all the passwords and logins you have to keep in your head. After about 5 that becomes an impossibility for me. And keeping them on scraps of paper is a disaster. Where’s that paper when you need it? Ta da … SafeWallet to the rescue. I was surprised to discover just how many logins I have. No wonder I couldn’t remember all the passwords.

The next is ToDoGenius. It is an absolute must. The memory is just not what it used to be and I don’t care enough anymore about that fact. I simply raised the white flag, gave up and decided I need my to-do-lists all in one place. You can create one for home and work.

Trouble getting to sleep and need some White Noise. This app is perfect for your or your child. Choose from 40 different sounds like water falls, chirping birds, ocean sounds, sprinkler, vacuum, thunder and more.

What are your favorite apps?


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