Happy Birthday Mother America

As America celebrates her 236th birthday I just want to say I’m happy to be an American.

Here lately I have begun to refer to America as “Mother America”.  We are mother America  to the world.

I started thinking this way after the earthquake in Haiti 2010.  Americans donated more than $1 billion dollars. And that’s just money. The people who volunteered to go and serve, even the celebrities who came and stayed reminds me  of a trait mothers have. Good mothers take care of their children in all kinds of circumstances, sacrificially if need be.  Whenever there is tradegy here or abroad Americans come to the rescue. And thank God we are in a position to do that.

We may be at the low end of other indicators such as education, particularly science and math, but we are the tops for compassionate care.  The world can say a lot of things about us, but not taking of care of people who are in dire need is not one of them. And I love that about America.

I pray that we will continue to lead the world in kindness, compassion, and love with our acts of financial, emotional and physical support.

May God continue to bless America…


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