God is good

Growing up there was a plaque on our wall that read “God is good”.  As a child I could not understand how that verse would affect my life as an adult. There have been plenty of times when I quoted  it to myself.  Not necessarily when everything was going great (whenever that was) but especially times when things were not going great.This life will teach you to appreciate the goodness of God.

What exactly does the goodness of God mean?   As I reflect on that question I think of his goodness in terms of  his presence, his power, his miracles, his forgiveness, his purity and holiness. He can do no evil.  It’s comforting to know that there is an entity that always does good.

God is good in an evil world.  Even in the midst of the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO.  Good will prevail.

My question to you and to myself is will we believe that no matter what happens?


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