Reflections on turning “50”

IBrenda Baby picture‘ve been looking forward to turning 50 years old for quite some time. I’m not sure why. That I believe will be revealed to me.

A few weeks ago James Brown, the CBS Sports commentator came to speak at our church.  His message was on Break the  Huddle and Run the Play.  One of his points about why break the huddle and run the play is that we are all on the clock. Basically we have four quarters in our life. Since the average age is 72 years old that would put me in the 4th quarter.  I am a little bit more optimistic and am guessing that I’ll live a little longer. So from my estimation (living to a 100) I’m in the 3rd quarter.  Either way it’s time to “get to gettin” as Niecy Nash would say.

At 50 years of age I’ve achieved several of my major goals and dreams in life but I still have more to go and they have brought on new excitement for me.  I look forward  to seeing my consulting business explode (  Under the umbrella of that business I plan to teach, write, advise and bring healing through natural solutions.  I have begun to do book reviews for Amazon and Self-Growth. com.  I read a lot so that flows with reading & writing. I want to travel to France, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bermuda and California.  I have a friend who is fluent in French, lucky me.  I want to experience more of the presence of God.

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday with 12 friends at a greek restaurant. I was in tears as I shared what each person meant to me.  They showered me with their love and gifts.  I am still  feeling the love from  that luncheon.

Today I took off from work,  had my annual physical, went shopping and then lunch with a good friend. Later in the day I went walking. I felt a strong breeze. I imagined my mother blowing me a kiss from heaven and wishing me a happy birthday ……


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