Short Story

Bijan & Jackson  is a historical fictional  story.  It’s  a coming of age story.

The setting is in Miami during the 1970-1980s.  It centers around a young couple, Bijan & Jackson. It follows the ups and downs of their relationship mostly the ups. Miami is my hometown so it feels good to write about a place I know.

This story is in honor of my first true love and as they say “you never forget your first love”.  He loved me more in 10 minutes than the others put together.  And I thank him for that because now I will recognize  it when it comes again.  This time it won’t be all emotional, they’ll be some other stiputlations like,  available, employed, loves the Lord, no drama, tall, dark &  handsome, sense of humor,  likes to dance or be willing to try and dance like me, sociable and  thinks that  my idiosyncrasies are hilarious.

To write a love story is to celebrate love. And love IS the highest frequency.  Love deserves all the attention it gets because it’s our soul’s desire to love and be loved.  I thank God for making us that way.

This story is dedicated to all the men who truly love their mates completely with honesty&  integrity and for the women who have found them. They still exist.


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